What’s it about?

Stuart-Swann-Faithsnap-ABOUT-banner“Think iconically”

That’s kind of what I do … looking at images as windows to a greater reality, and wrestling with issues of faith and life along the way.  I’m a clergyman (please don’t hold that against me!) in a denominational church, but I’m also a human being, a photographer, and lover of people and life.  Health and fitness are high priorities for me, too, and I enjoy working with others to establish their own “habits of health”.

Blogging is just one way to express the life of Christ that is within me.  I invite you to also check out my FaithSnap web site and Facebook page.  Most of all, I welcome your thoughts and comments.  This isn’t meant to be a one-sided bully pulpit.  Please, enter the conversation!

God bless you along your way of faith …

Stuart (aka, Stu, Fr. Stuart, Fr. Stu, Dad, Papa)

About me
Rev Stuart Swann ministry montageIf you want to talk about anything, request prayer, or just have something to get off your chest, please write me!  (Whatever you submit, below, goes to my personal e-mail, not a public blog post.)


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