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Horror and Hope

Los-Angeles-reflection-city-water-Lords-Prayer“Thy Kingdom come …”

In light of the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon, yesterday, once again, it seems the distance between heaven and earth has grown so much greater.  I won’t belabor the tragedy, but I do join with millions to express deep sorrow for the losses and in outrage against the evil behind it!

This photo of another great city, Los Angeles, taken by my daughter, reminds me of the separation between the earthy reality and the anticipated fulfillment of God’s “kingdom come”.  We wonder:  “Will that kingdom ever really come? Will we truly experience peace ruling over chaos?”

I don’t know when or how that will be accomplished, but this I do know:

Every day is one day closer;

Every prayer and act of kindness is one step nearer;

Every time goodness and compassion and faith and love raise the flags of hope we are reminded that good will triumph over evil and that God’s justice will prevail.

For every evil deed that is seen and televised, there are countless, mostly unseen, acts of courage, fidelity, thoughtfulness, generosity, and so much more, extended by people in all kinds of situations!  Somehow, the spark of hope for a just and peaceable Kingdom is kept alive in this world.  It must be a sign of God’s will “being done” – one day, one person, one action, at a time.

Stuart Swann