That “Thaing” in the frig!

thaing-in-frigWell, arrgh and staink!
Is it breathin’ or is it dead?!

You know what I’m talking about  …  that amorphous blob in the back of the frig that’s been locked in an air-tight container for a week  now – probably, longer!  At one point It had a purpose.  You had the admirable intention of eating it as a left over, but somehow, lack of time and other stuff got in the way.  Now, “the Thaing” is just there … lurking, moving deeper and deeper into fogotten recesses … hiding behind the milk and OJ.  Dare you open it?

What were you thinking?! … That by reserving the Thaing you would help humanity or save money?!  That it’s just not right to be wasteful, so you will somehow blunt that by discretely liberating the Thaing on another day – maybe, under the cover of night?

Really, are you going to even dare to open the lid and breathe the air, exposing the Thaing to the light of day, again!?  Who are you trying to impress or convince, anyway?  Let go of it!  Accept what anyone else can plainly see – you didn’t need it, and it doesn’t care about you!

Now, here we go … you will be intentionally disposing of this excess in your life.  Yes, today – now – not a hypothetical, “Maybe, later”.  You aren’t fooling anyone, or helping anyone (no starving children would eat that Thaing, either!) – just surrender to the fact that you will never, ever be getting back together with that Thaing again!  (Thank you, Taylor Swift!)

So, here’s to your liberation!  Open the frig, intentionally grasp hold of the container, firmly and knowingly, take authority over the now useless deposit you have protected for whatever reason … that’s it … that’s what I’m talking about …

Move with deliberate haste, not second guessing yourself, or fantasizing about the intrinsic value of the Thaing, or how wonderful it once was … No! … with conviction open the trash can, and with all the resolve you can muster, RELEASE THAT THAING!  It’s of no value to you anymore.  That’s it. .. You’re doing it (no looking back!) … You’re doing it … YOU DID IT!!!

Congratulations, you have demonstrated your patience, your thrift, and your good heart by keeping it, but you have shown your courage in disposing of it!

Now, spend your attention and efforts on some real thing or some real person who is worthy of such devotion.  Your life is better because the frig is free of this ill-fated treasure, spoiled beyond any semblence of reason!  You can devote your goodness to a worthy cause, not a fantasy of what once was.  Go for it!  Now, just take the next step!

Stuart Swann


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