I’m so stinkin’ slow!

finger-point-snail-slow-journeyWhy is it taking so long?!

Do you ever feel that you’re just not making progress?  You’re giving it everything you’ve got; you’re keeping a “can do” attitude; you pray, believe, hope, work … and still, you’re just not able to realize any forward movement to speak of!  It seems others are just blazing past you in life and success?

There are people whose achievements rise with rocket-like speed – they bolt  from the gate like the finest purebred, steaming ahead to win the race!  Then, there are the ones who just plod along with lives more modest and undetectable to the star-gazing world.  That “ordinary soul” isn’t any less loved by God or forgotten in the care of such abundant Providence.  The love of God, so perfectly shown in Jesus Christ, is given to every child, equally, no favoritism, although our courses may differ and our visible “worth” in the world’s eyes will vary.

Is it possible that the Almighty has a finger on you?  Today … right where you are?  Maybe, you feel stuck, or incredibly slow in your progress … it is for wanderers, and the lost, and the hurting that the reservoir of God’s unlimited supply can be most easily tapped Not to the mighty, but to the broken and contrite of heart is this Gift most readily revealed!  Self-made, snug and smug achievers are hard-pressed to see the need of such saving grace.  But who knows their end, or the sum of their days, or the struggles yet to come in their personal lives?  Only their Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer can know this – the same One from whom and to whom all folks must ultimately draw their strength and give their answers.

Does not he see my ways, and number all my steps? (Job 31:4)

Stuart Swann


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