What tomorrow brings

girl-kiss-horse-nose-WHO-NOSEWho “nose“, anyway?

I’m thinking about the future, as in “tomorrow”, threats of nuclear attacks from N. Korea on the bigger scale, and how will I get my “To Do List” done on the smaller scale? In between these extremes are a multitude of unknowns that are probably far more important to deal with!

How do you deal with the “future”, as in immediate – tomorrow kind of future? Do you just wake up and let it happen, or do you have a “game plan”? I guess that’s a personality thing, and some of us are just a mix.

The future is something we face, daily, or avoid. All I know is what I’m doing today shapes tomorrow in simple and profound ways. If I fail to prepare for the food that will be healthy to eat “on the run”, I’ll end up at a fast food spot trying to find something not-too-bad (but it is!) to kill the hunger; If I don’t plan ahead to take my camera along and, suddenly, there’s a great shot to be taken – well, too bad – I missed it!

Let’s not just let tomorrow come and go. It will do that, but will we be any wiser, richer, happier, healthier in its passing? A few things I try to do, personally, that help …

Thank God for each day, at least at the beginning and ending. Taking a conscious time to meditate and pray helps – nothing too deep or spiritual, really, but at least enough to “pause” before the busyness sets in.

Feed my soul and mind with some good news:  Some scripture, an e-mail exchange or two with special people in my life, some simple reading from a good book that feeds my brain and soul.

Take an inventory of my health supplies: Do the pantry and frig have fuel for my best health, and am I planning ahead about what I will eat and drink today?

FaithSnaps:  What images speak to me today, and how can I prepare some more images to be of use to others? Is there an opportunity coming up today where I surely must have my camera?

Productivity:  Doing whatever work is at hand, and “making hay while the sun shines” to get things accomplished, so that I can be satisfied with my work at the end of the day. Hopefully, this involves something that is of value or service to others. If not, I wonder what I have produced?

Activity:  Going to the gym, or taking a walk, daily to make sure this body of mine stays as flexible and strong as possible. I want to last and enjoy this great life for a long time!

Don’t forget to share appreciation and love with people in your life. That’s something that really can’t wait for “Tomorrow”!

Well, these are some of my own habits. How about yours? I bet you have many of your own personal practices that make tomorrow a better day. I’d really like to know what makes your tomorrow work for you. Who nose what you’ll be doing next?!

Stuart Swann


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