Make my day – “TODAY”!

hand-up-prayer-river-TODAY“Open”, says a me!

I opened my day with this thought and prayer (click on photo).  Why?  Because, I couldn’t sleep past 4 am, and knew there was something bothering me.  After making a cup of coffee, feeding the cats, and regaining my eyesight, I settled in a comfortable chair to take inventory of what’s going on “inside”!?  There, I realized so much of what needs expurgation.  I find that the best way to move on with the day is to just be honest with myself (as honest as I can be, anyway!) about what’s going on and what needs attention … then, to offer these to God in a prayer.  Here’s my prayer for “today”.  I guess it will work for “tomorrow”, too, because it will soon be today.

Maybe, it will be a strength to you, my friend, as well.  Have a great day – “TODAY!” …



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